Global Mobile Origami


Useful Websites / Resources

The British Origami Society — Magazines, forums, conventions. It has taught me more than I could imagine. Well worth joining.

Wikipedia: Origami techniques — The most commonly used techniques in the Japanese art of origami. — A beautiful, fairy-tale site with a wide selection of patterns in the studio section. — Definitive guide to patterns with hundreds to choose from.

Bookends of London — Bookends is the biggest UK supplier of Origami Books, also seller of specialist paper and accessories.

Greenhouse Community Centre — Where I run a regular meeting on the third Thursday of each month, 4pm - 7pm.

Folding a Thousand Peace Cranes — The Moving story of Sadako Sasaki, Hiroshima and why we fold 1000 cranes.

Abbey Road Centre — A great place to chat, relax, meet people and try new hobbies.