Global Mobile Origami


Simple Tutorials …

Step One — Find yourself a nice colourful square piece of paper.
Step Two — Fold in half along the diagonal (Valley Fold.)
Step Three — Fold in half along the opposite diagonal (Valley Fold.)
Step Four — Fold entire sheet along the horizontal (Valley Fold.)
Step Five — Lift the first layer and tuck corner into the centre and fold over.
Step Six — Do the same for the left hand side. This is what’s known as the “Water Bomb Base”.
Step Seven — Pull right hand top flap to the top of triangle.
Step Eight — Repeat for other top flap.
Step Nine — Flip the whole model onto reverse side.
Step Ten — Fold the entire bottom to leave a thumbwidth of overlay and fold.
Step Eleven — Flip the entire model over again.
Step Twelve — Bring down flaps and notice hooded edge that forms.
Step Thirteen — Flatten down the hooded edge.
Step Fourteen — Repeat for the left hand side.
Step Fifteen — Flip entire model over again.
Step Sixteen — To make the head, fold the top triangle over as far as it will go.
Step Seventeen — Fold the head up to leave a little overhang the other side.
Step Eighteen — To fold the wings, take the model in both hands and fold down away from you along the centre and make a firm crease.
Step Nineteen — Open out the model and now fold the wings (Valley Fold) from the edge of the head to bottom of the body.
Step Twenty — Repeat for the other wing.
Step Twenty One — Fold the top wings in line with the edge of the top of the body.
Step Twenty Two — Repeat for the other side.
Step Twenty Three — Pull on the model a little to open out – and there you have your finished butterfly !